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Title: Trapped
Author: silkendreammaid
Disclaimer: I do not own, nor ever will, Torchwood or the characters within.
Rating: PG13
Spoilers: None
Characters: Ianto Jones, John Hart
Summary: Ianto gets caught in a blizzard

Notes: this was written for the Jantoseasonal Challenge 8 Round 2  "Weather"... but i never posted it because it was the first time i'd tried a challenge and i was rather (too) nervous to share it... so nearly a year later and despite feeling like i should delete it completely, here it is...



“Thank you.”

The words were quiet and the reluctance sounded as clearly as the Welsh accent.  

“Don’t mention it, Eye Candy,” the almost gloating tones of Captain John Hart replied. “There are other ways you could show your gratitude,” he added with a leer that at any other time would have had Ianto reaching for his gun. Except this time his gun was several yards away buried under heavy snow. And Ianto was trapped between a rock – represented at the moment by a brick wall - and a very hard place that could be felt every time John Hart moved. 

Ianto sighed. He should have stayed at home as soon as he’d heard the weather forecast but Torchwood ignored the weather just as it ignored everything else. “Outbreaks of heavy rain and sleet” was what the forecaster had said. They forgot to mention the blizzard that had caught him unawares halfway through a weevil chase. The weevil was long gone now and Ianto had been mortified and annoyed beyond belief when Captain John Hart had appeared in the middle of a blinding flurry to grab his arm and pull him out of the blizzard and into this makeshift shelter. A shelter that consisted of no more than a sheet of tin propped against a brick wall in the corner of an alley somewhere in the middle of Cardiff. There was barely room for one man let alone two. 

“I’m never going to be that grateful,” Ianto retorted as he tried to shift away from the hard presence that was once again making itself felt against his hip. Ianto wondered how long it would be before Jack or any of the others turned up to rescue him. The blizzard complicated matters but Ianto hoped they’d at least make an effort. He really did not want to stay here with John Hart until the snow stopped and the sun came out. He sighed. This was Cardiff. There was more chance of a mini Ice Age happening before the sun appeared. 

“You’ve never lived until you’ve had grateful sex,” John murmured close to Ianto’s ear keeping himself almost plastered to the younger man’s side. 

“Wish I had a pence for every time I’ve heard a sentence start with ‘you’ve never lived until’,” Ianto complained without any actual rancour. “You know, for people who claim to hate labels, you and Jack label every type of sex.” 

“Well, you wouldn’t want to confuse grateful sex with thank God we’re alive sex or pity sex or angry sex now, would we?” There was an audible smile in John’s voice. “Thought you being such a methodical man that you’d appreciate knowing you were getting the right sort of sex to suit the circumstances.” 

Ianto rolled his eyes. “That does ease several of my worst nightmares,” he said with heavy sarcasm and he felt John’s breath against his neck as the man laughed. 

“I know some much better nightmares,” he promised as his hand snaked around Ianto’s waist only to be slapped away. 

“Saying that is hardly likely to make me any more amenable to you,” Ianto reproved and moved as far away as he could. Which was all of two inches and had him pressed against the brick wall beside him. John didn’t help any by following and pressing himself back into Ianto’s side. 

“We could have non-amenable sex. I’m flexible and I bet you are too.”




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Date: 2010-12-19 11:20 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] reddevilpoes
Thank you for writing John, I do love the bad guy!!!!


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