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Title: Where The Sun Is Mute

Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist
Pairing: Roy Mustang/Edward Elric
Rating: PG
Warnings: None

Disclaimer: I do not own, and never will, the characters of Fullmetal Alchemist.
Notes: This is a fic i wrote under another name a long time ago and it's now finished

Chapter 3: To Be Spoken

After an assignment gone wrong, Roy is left beside a silent Edward's bed.


Dark eyes remained focused on the sleeping young man as he listened to the voices swirling around him. Words he wasn't completely hearing filtered into his mind and he waited patiently until they stopped. Only then did he look away from his golden-haired – heart, soul- subordinate and turn to face them.

"Thank you gentlemen." His eyes scanned their white coats and blue uniforms. "I'll stay here until he wakes."

His manner and facial expression gave them no recourse but to leave and he waited again until they were gone and the door closed behind them. He knew that there would be a guard outside the door. He knew that they would be back. He knew that they were watching him closely. As closely as they were watching Edward.

He sat down and began to reach for the flesh hand and then stopped, his hand dropping, resting on the sheets a bare inch away. So many years ago he had seen him like this; laying on a bed, still as death. He had found out later that Edward had heard every word he had spoken. This time he didn't know, no-one knew. Edward was sleeping and that's all they could tell him. He was sleeping and he wasn't waking up.

Not a coma, not the unconsciousness he had been in earlier, now it was a deep, deep sleep that he wasn't waking from.

"…my fault." Roy's voice whispered slowly, the words rising from a throat thick with regrets and still lined with bruises. "I should have ordered you to stay behind. Not that you would have obeyed me if I had." And the words that would have made him smirk at any other time failed now to relieve any of the heaviness he still felt.

He had known it had been a trap from the very first moment. That had been the purpose of the assignment and he had willingly borne the results of walking into it, knowing that the time he had to endure would be limited. But someone had failed to tell Edward of that part of the assignment and he had come after him, hell-bent on rescue. Never had Roy been so terrified as when he had seen Edward rushing into the middle of the skirmish. And when Edward had been struck, his nightmare had become real. The four remaining traitors had not survived the unleashing of his fear in flames.

His fingers reached and lightly touched the warm lax fingers of his lover. "I'm sorry." The dark head lowered and his eyes stared at their joined fingertips. "I've never been so scared and I don't ever want to feel like that again, Edward." The words slipped out and he closed his eyes. "I don't want to lose you."

Roy fell silent. Because of Ed's muteness, Roy had to say the words for both of them. It was he who spoke the words he saw in Edward's eyes, or the answers he read upon his skin as the blond 'spoke' with his hands. Because of Edward, Roy Mustang had learnt to speak.

It was the featherlike twitch of fingers against his that had his eyes opening and looking up to see hazy gold eyes looking at him. The breath that left him in a sudden rush caught him by surprise, as did the prickling behind his eyes. The wavering twitch of Edward's lips had him clutching at the blond's hand as the nascent smile flared briefly before disappearing. A sudden frown creased Edward's brow and he tried to lift his hand. Roy tightened his grip slightly and noted the direction of Edward's gaze.

"It's just bruised, Ed. I'm okay." Roy lifted his free hand and lightly traced over the bruises around his neck, and Edward's eyes focused on the wrist and Roy smiled slightly. "Yes, that's just bruising too."

Edward twined his fingers around Roy's and pulled slightly and Roy went with the movement, leaning closer. Another pull had Edward's fingers free and his hand came up to touch and explore Roy's neck and throat. The golden eyes swam slightly and Roy began to shake his head.

"This is not your fault, Edward. It was part of the mission, I knew what was going to happen."

Edward shook his head once and his fingers tightened slightly over the bruising before letting go and jabbing at himself and then back to Roy. It was the blame in those wide eyes that filled in the gaps between his actions and Roy saw it, read it and spoke it.

"No, you are not to blame. You weren't too late. You could not have stopped it. It had to happen Edward. Without my being caught, we would never have exposed them." Roy lifted his hand and brushed the hair away from Ed's forehead and gentle fingers lightly ran over the lump hidden under the loose hair. "It's my fault. I should have made sure you knew exactly what was going to be involved. You should not have been hurt."

Edward rolled his eyes slowly and reached to move his finger over Roy's chest, 'speaking' as only Edward did. Idiot. I had to come.

"I know, but Ed, you have to stop blaming yourself," Roy replied and Ed grimaced at him before tugging at the loose shirt Roy wore. With a tilted head, Edward inched over and Roy moved from the chair to settle himself on the bed. "Seeing you get hurt hurts me."


"And you were hurt worse than I was." Roy felt the shrug Ed gave as the shorter man curled up against him, and frowned at the casualness of that movement. "You may be used to it, but I'm not. Seeing you fall like that…don't do that again."

You needed me.

"I need you alive and by my side, not dead on some warehouse floor somewhere." Roy wrapped his arm around the blond and pulled him close.

They took your gloves.

"And another ten minutes would have seen the others enter and the mission completed."

Did not know. Could not wait. Edward pressed the words firmly onto Roy's chest before tilting his head up and Roy could see the emotions that had led Ed to break through that door, to rush in. Roy smiled and bent his head to kiss him. Arms wound around him and the kiss deepened as Edward stretched against him. Roy broke the kiss for a moment.

"Don't get hurt again," he murmured against the blond's forehead. An impossible request and they both knew it.

Or you.

"And thank you for coming to rescue me," Roy whispered as he trailed his mouth back over Edward's face to his mouth.

But I failed. Ed moved back slightly, the pressure of his finger lessening, and Roy shook his head, denying the words he still felt on his chest.

"No you didn't. You came, that's all that matters." Roy tugged at the blankets and wormed his way under them before pulling Edward close again. "I drew a circle, you know. When you dropped. For the first time in years I had to draw a circle. If that doesn't show you how much I love you, then I don't know what does, Ed."

Edward smiled and brought his free hand up to run through Roy's dark hair, pulling him close to kiss again. His other hand slid around Roy and his fingers wrote the last coherent words either of them spoke for quite some time. You talk too much.

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