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Title:  Carols
Author: silkendreammaid  

Disclaimer: I do not and never will own Torchwood or the characters within.
Rating: PG13 
Warning: Language
Characters:  Ianto Jones

Note: Written for the 2011 Advent Challenge. Prompt #5 taken from the 2009 prompt list. 

Author’s Note:  Takes place in my Siren 'verse, and references to episode 1:10 Out of Time ... follows on from Carollers

Summary:   Ianto Jones sings as he cleans up after John Ellis dies




Jack drew in a deep breath and shuddered as life flooded back through him. He swallowed as he lay there not wanting to open his eyes, smelling – tasting - carbon monoxide around and in him and he could hear Christmas carols. Carols sung in soft Welsh tones that were instantly recognisable. 

Jack opened his eyes and found himself staring up at the ceiling of a garage. He turned his head slightly and saw Ianto’s car beside him, doors opened and empty. Cold fresh air wafted over him and the smell of car exhaust lessened further. Jack looked the other way and saw Ianto Jones a few steps away. 

He was carefully, almost reverently wrapping John Ellis up in a blanket and then sliding him into the standard issue torchwood body bag. Silent Night was a soft dirge as he pulled the zipper up. Jack kept his eyes almost closed as he watched. 

Ianto got up and lifted the heavy body up carrying it around the car. Jack could hear Ianto singing a different carol over the closing of a car door. 

Jack listened to Ianto’s footsteps as the young man moved around the garage, obviously putting everything to rights and covering up the events of the evening. And he sang the whole time. Carol after carol, many Jack knew, many he didn’t and not all of them were in English. Often there was Welsh, Latin or French easily sung in Ianto’s soaring voice. 

The pains of resurrection and the headache that always accompanied it didn’t stand a chance against the music and Jack had never felt this relaxed and eased after dying. As his body relaxed his mind churned. Any moment now Ianto was going to come close and realise Jack was no longer dead. Jack had no idea how Ianto was going to react and it worried him. Gwen had already been in shock from Suzie and breaking the retcon that his resurrection had passed with little notice. These circumstances were very different and Ianto was a very different person. 

Ianto came closer and suddenly sat beside Jack’s apparent dead body. Gentle hands ran over his forehead and through his hair. The last words of Ar Hyd y Nos faded away. 

“We need to talk, Captain.” 

Jack opened his eyes at the matter-of-fact tone and seeing Ianto looking completely unsurprised was not something he had expected. 





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Date: 2011-12-26 01:22 pm (UTC)
milady_dragon: Dragon Myfanwy (Default)
From: [personal profile] milady_dragon
That was nice. I can see this version of Ianto singing as he worked, no matter the scene.

And surprise, Jack!

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Date: 2011-12-26 03:41 pm (UTC)
badly_knitted: (Can I Keep Him)
From: [personal profile] badly_knitted
Ianto must have known - or at least suspected - that there was something different about Jack. Jack can safely be honest with him, Ianto's not going to freak out, he's quite calm about the revelation that Jack doesn't stay dead, though no doubt he's curious. I like that he's not easily rattled by strange things. Ianto's practically bombproof.


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